Terms of use

General terms of using Pop-Up-Possibilities service.

These general terms are concerning the using of internet based Pop-Up-Possibilities web service. The technical implementation and maintenance are provided by Huomentaina Oy (the service provider).

User rights and responsibilities of Pop-Up-Possibilities service

The service can be used by everyone who is interested at Pop-Up-Possibilities and over 13 years old. However, using of Pop-Up-Possibilities service requires a user to sign in and use the service privately and with his / her actual name. User name and password are not allowed to be handed off to third parties.
At the time a user will sign in for the first time at the service, he / she will commit to the user rights and responsibilities. A user is obliged to become familiar with the terms carefully. If for some reason a user can’t accept the terms, use of service will not be allowed.
Illegal or irrelevant contents and third party material that a user has no legal rights to use are not allowed to be saved or presented at Pop-Up-Possibilities service.
In case of abusing the service, the service provider has a right to shut down a user account and prohibit using Pop-Up-Possibilities service in the future.
User is solely responsible for data transfer expenses that are related to using Pop-Up-Possibilities service.
User is allowed to end using the service by removing his / her profile from the service database.

Service provider’s responsibilities

The contents of Pop-Up-Possibilities service are mainly created by service users and are including third party related material saved by service users. In result the service provider can’t guarantee accuracy of information in every manner and can’t take responsibility of correctness of provided information.

Copyrights of Pop-Up-Possibilities service

The contents saved by users at the service are solely property of a related user or a third party who has an agreement with service user to use the service on his / her behalf. Copyright material commercial copying, using, duplicating, quoting, forwarding and other related exploiting are restricted without an agreement with service user. However, the previously mentioned restrictions do not apply to partly saving or printing Pop-Up-Possibilities service material to service users’ personal use.
By accepting these terms a service user will grant the service provider or an agreed third party to analyse information or contents published via the Pop-Up-Possibilities service. New copyright contents will be developed based on provided information.

Limitations of responsibilities

The service provider takes no responsibility of any misuse or damage caused by service user using the Pop-Up-Possibilities service.
Additionally the service provider take no responsibility of possible damage caused by functioning, using or misusing published texts, pictures, photos, audio files, animations, links or other material included at the service.
The mentioned limitations of responsibilities concern all indirect and direct damages regardless of claim.

Availability of service

Pop-Up-Possibilities service is available to use constantly. Because the service has been created as a web service, the service provider can’t guarantee availability of service at all conditions and is not to be able to avoid possible delays of service availability. The service provider has a right to stop or limit providing the Pop-Up-Possibilities service during maintenance and updating processes without further notice.

Modifying the general terms of use

The service provider reserves a right to modify Pop-Up-Possibilities terms of use and layout of use interface or close down any part of provided service.