Municipalities and schools


What is Pop-Up-Possibilities?


Pop-Up-Possibilities is a new two-way information point / banner operating at municipality and school webpages. Banner is meant to be used by young, people working with young and facets offering young activities.
Pop-Up-Possibilities banner’s mission is to bring out young´s own and young orientated possibilities. It offers a new tool to student counsellors, teachers and youth workers to communicate with young and provides new information to young orientated activity planning. Primarily we want young to feel that their thoughts truly matter.
  • engage and activate young
  • support existing site functions
  • bring important information to support planning
  • easy to use and maintain
  • subjects: working, studying, services, hobbies and voluntary action 


This is how P-O-P works:

  1. A banner will be inserted at school or municipality webpage similar way like a YouTube video
  2. By using a banner school, municipality, employers, hobby groups and even private persons can bring out young orientated activities and look suitable participants and / or doers for them
  3. A school or municipality can create polls of current topics at young
  4. young can find interesting activities from banners
  5. young can editorialise attractivity of activities with smiles
  6. young can influence with young targeted polls
  7. young can tell schools and municipalities what they desire, hope and can do
  8. schools and municipalities can benefit from young developed information to support decision making process
  9. schools and municipalities can forward information of young needs, hopes and abilities to potential employers, hobby providers and even third sector
  10. activity providers receive information from young interests

We are willing to transfer young matters strongly forward also with participating at conventional actions. You can choose needed sections from our services:

  • a Pop-Up-Possibilities banner
  • a start package that includes personal guidance, defining viewing license permission and operationally individualized brochure material to young and activity providers
  • if necessary, we will come to make class visits with you at which we guide and motivate young at using a new service