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Welcome to explore Pop-Up-Possibilities service!

Our mission is to bring out the possibilities for young people as well as the possibilities of their own.

Pop-Up Possibilities service is the channel for the possibilities for young people as well as for the possibilities of their own. We support through this service cooperation exceeding age limits, increase proudness of our living environment and make young people´s voice better heard in common cause. This all effectively prevents social exclusion.

The most visible element in Pop-Up Possibilities is the duplex infopoint. Anyone who wants to offer work, education, services, hobbies or voluntary work for young people can send the information to these infopoints for free. The infopoints form together a network through which the important everyday matters reach the youth with a new width and accuracy.

Through the infopoints young people can also ”whisper” their personal needs, wishes and talents to youth and school councelors. This knowledge can then be utilized for the youth both at individual and group level.

The infopoints can easily be made use of by everybody at the webpages of municipalities and schools. We have chosen webpages as a platform because of equality and safety. On the left side some examples of possibilities showed in the infopoints