Information Security Document

Creating date: 12th of March, 2017

Pop-Up-Possibilities service register and information security document.

This document contains legal register and information security information of Pop-Up-Possibilities service.

1. Operation responsible register holder

Name: Huomentaina Oy
Street address: Kestiläntie 9
Post office: 85980 Köyhänperä

2. Company register contact person

Contact person concerning questions related to customer data handling:

Name: Timo Liimatainen
Task: Entrepreneur, Chairman of board
Phone number: 040 5532380

3. Register name

Pop-Up-Possibilities service customer register.

4. About the use of register and reason for collecting information

The general condition of handling personal data information is an existing customer relationship and customer’s permission to collect related information (Personal Data Act 8§).

- identifying a user and management of user rights
- implementing customer service, securing business and service transactions
- implementing service functions and service & product supply of Pop-Up-Possibilities service, analysing, reporting, development and personalizing services
- implementing the accountability of Pop-Up-Possibilities service
- preventing and clearing abuse and problematic situations

5. Information saved at the register
Personalized user information:
- user name and contact information
- user social security number and / or business identity code
Other user information:
- service transaction information
- notification and search transactions
- teams, groups and organizations created by user (can be registered organizations or unofficial groups)
- user campaigns related to service customership
- user information of Pop-Up-Possibilities internet and mobile service including register and service transaction information, cookies connecting web page uploading, IP address and identifier of web browser & operating system
- information and feedback concerning customer service
- data processing related information such as saving date and source of information
- information concerning payment determination and transactions of service using organizations
5a. Regular sources of information
User information is collected at a time of registration, while using products and services, on my account page and in contact with customer service.

6. Release of user information

Information provided by users can be used according to Pop-Up-Possibilities terms. Individual user information can be forwarded to officials only in legal manners obliged by law, such as cases concerning investigation of abuse or crime. User information is not being transferred outside European Union or European economic region.

7. Principles of securing the register

Individual user information is being handled only by persons designated by Pop-Up-Possibilities service, third parties updating or developing Pop-Up-Possibilities service and joining service network collaborators. Third parties must make a confidentiality agreement with Pop-Up-Possibilities service to be able to handle individual user information. Persons can handle information only at individually assigned level, depending on their work task. All information is in electronic format and is being secured efficiently at possible attacks and snooping with up-to-date applications.

8. Inspection rights of registered user

Contents of inspection rights: User has a right to inspect own or his / her dependant child customer register information (Personal Data Act 26§). Customer has a right to see and be acquainted with above-mentioned information and receive copies of information if required.
- using of inspection rights is free of charge once within every 12 month time period
A possible inspection request must be in written form and signed.
Sending address:
Huomentaina Oy, Kestiläntie 9, 85980 Köyhänperä.
Inspection request must include user’s name and social security number.

9. Correction of information

According to Personal Data Act 29§ a user can update his / her general personal information on Pop-Up-Possibilities service My Account page. Regarding other information, a correction request must be send literally to: Huomentaina Oy, Kestiläntie 9, 85980 Köyhänperä.
User must define clearly required corrections and for individualizing, his / her name and social security number. The service provider must correct, remove or complete spontaneously incorrect, unnecessary, inadequate or outdated information at the register without unnecessary delay (Personal Data Act 29§).