What shall we do? Just let us know!

Pop-Up-Possibilities is a new service for youth. 
The primary target is to listen what youth desires, needs or can do. They can “whisper” this information to their school counsellors and youth workers by using the Pop-Up-Possibilities service.
Pop-Upping means that a user sets up a hobby or voluntary group and publish information at these banners to other young users of schools and municipalities.
Work, learning spots, services etc. providing facets can also use Pop-Upping. It is sustainable to spread the word because this is a free channel to communicate with all young users.  
As so, a user can browse hobby groups, summer work and studying possibilities and other fun things in future without signing up to the service.
By signing up to the service, a user can tell his / her own hopes, needs and abilities, participate at polls and publish at banners what fun things he / she has created to other young users!


This is how Pop-Up-Possibilities service works:

  • banners can be found from webpages of municipalities and schools. If they doesn’t exist yet, inform student counsellor or us. We will take care of it!
  • a user can watch, study further and comment existing notifications at banners with smiles
  • a user can tell his / her hopes, needs and abilities, influence with polls or publish nice matters that can be shared with other young users. Sign up! A user will be asked regular basic personal information and school and class information if attending a school. This helps student counsellors to find user information easier.
  • after signing up a user can choose from the following:
    1. Publishing at banners
    • reserve a noteworthy picture at a device you use, either at a mobile phone or computer  
    • come up with an interesting title  
    • tell more closely what, where and when?
    • attach a picture
    • choose currency time and send
    • after banner occupant´s acceptance a message will be visible at banner! Very easy!
    • visit regularly to find out what kind of smiles your messages have collected
  ​2. Whispering what you hope, need or can do
  • choose a topic, for example a hobby
  • define subject with bullets and texts. Remember to focus and it’s done! A user can change his / her interest object whenever desired.
  • a user is encouraged to shop other interesting matters from other topics. Remember to save!

3. Participating and affecting by using polls. Your opinions will get interested by other users, so choose the most suitable option!