A challenge to solve

There are plenty of jobs, trainings, services, hobbies, voluntary tasks and events all around us.

In each of these, the challenge is the encounter between the provider and the user.

Our solution is

Social innovation

We implemented a service that is available to everyone and with which opportunities are brought to the fore where people are best available.

The opportunity provider logs into our service at  www.pop-up-possibilities.com. He attaches or constructs an ad. After construction, he can choose where he wants his ad displayed.

In info screens to which an additional device developed by us is connected. Info screens are placed in key places, e.g. libraries, shops, sports venues, youth facilities, schools, village halls or even events.

In information points that can be embedded on websites. For example, municipalities' websites and school pedanets. Important is the central position of sites in the use of reference groups.

On mobile devices. Information on the screens can be transferred to the target group's phones as push notifications.

Our mission is to bring out the possibilities. Our vision is to be there where the people are.

Jobs, study opportunities, services, hobbies and volunteer work opportunities must be able to be communicated and found regardless of wealth, technical expertise or cultural background.

We want to push forward and we are looking for this

1. Companies with which we can do deeper cooperation.

  • In polishing the method
  • Working in sales
  • In the internationalization

2. New partners for the publication network. ​

3. People who are passionate about working with us.

Huomentaina Oy


Timo Liimatainen

+358 40 5532380


Kestiläntie 9, 85980 Köyhänperä,


Huomentaina Oy was founded on November 24, 2011. The company's owner and chairman of the board is Timo Liimatainen.​​

The name of our company comes from a word innovation made by our daughter: the repeated question of a 3.5-year-old child was "When is the music club?" We often responded on Tuesday or tomorrow. In the little girl's mind, the answers came together and a new Finnish term "Huomentaina", the eighth day of the week, was born. The lesson of the story is probably: You don't always have to come up with something completely new. Sometimes a similar result is achieved by combining familiar things in a new way.​​

The same girl also taught how to listen to children and young people. Our family has no musical history. Perhaps because of this, the daughter's first proposal to play the violin was not supported. Neither does the second request. By the third, the child's voice was demanding. He finally got the violin at the age of 7, practices conscientiously and performs at events. Without the girl's persistence, I would have directed her to the track or ball games sooner. So do we act based on our own thoughts or on the basis of the children's thoughts? Would we listen to our children and young people more?